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Country music couldn't come more naturally to Jade Jack. Her love for country fiddles and cryin' steel guitars began as soon as she was born. She had made her first appearances on stage even before she was born as her mom performed regularly right up until she delivered Jade. In fact, her mom made a last minute trip to Iowa just days before her due date and had to sit with her feet elevated while not on stage in an attempt to slow down contractions that had already begun. She rushed back to texas just in time to have Jade and was back performing 10 days later, where Jade was passed around and held by music loving friends from all over the country. This appearance would be at the International Steel Guitar Convention. Jade's earliest photos include her with steel guitar greats such as "Papa Moon" (Ralph Mooney), Speedy West, Jimmie Day, Jody Sanders, Buddy Emmons, and Junior Knight to name a few. After leaving the convention when Jade was 2, at a McDonald's somewhere south of St. Louis, Jade gave an early glimpse of what lay ahead of her when she used a spoon as a fiddle, and a straw for her bow to play along to the music being heard overhead. Papa Moon had that straw on display in his music room right up until the day he passed away... Jade's grandpa, Fred Jack, a longtime musician and singer, couldn't have been happier. He encouraged Jade's love for fiddles by always making sure there was plenty of Bob Wills, Spade Cooley, and other great country music around. It’s said that Jade cut her first tooth chewing on her grandpa’s steel guitar legs.

Jade began taking classical violin lessons at age 4. Most every Saturday, she would settle into the backseat of her grandma's Suburban, tiny fiddle case in hand, and make the hour drive into Sugarland, where her lessons took place. After a few years of classical training, Jade began her country lessons with longtime family friend, Dan Ratliff. Dan had an in-house studio complete with a tiny chair specially bought for Jade that will always have a place in the corner by the numerous microphones and other music gear. Other fiddle teachers to follow were Randy Powell and Dale Morris Sr.

When Jade first got opportunities to sing onstage at fairs, festivals, and honky tonks, the crowds would be expecting her to sing a song that most children would sing. Jade would bust out with songs such as “Don’t come home a drinkin’ with loving on your mind” and “Let’s chase each other around the room tonight” surprising and delighting crowds all over Texas. When Jade's aunt Dottie Jack recorded a CD in 2007, Jade made a guest appearance playing alongside Texas Country Great, Bobby Flores. Bobby then became Jade's fiddle instructor. She then began making appearances at local Opry Shows with her Aunt Dottie. This led to a show at a breast cancer awareness event at Pearl's Dancehall at the Stockyard's at Ft Worth where Jade caught the attention of Country Music Legend, Ms. Leona Williams. The two instantly bonded and agreed to stay in touch. Jade began work on her first CD in August 2009 in Nashville, TN and had it finished just in time for a trip to Branson, MO. Jade was invited by Leona Williams to be a guest on a series of shows that were held in October 2009 in Branson, MO. at Silver Dollar City. Imagine Jade's excitement when Leona called weeks before to ask her if she, instead of a guest appearance, would be Leona's fiddle player all week. Jade was ecstatic and unknown to Leona, already had most of her songs memorized. This would be Jade's first show to introduce her debut CD, properly entitled "Growin' Up Country". She has since done countless shows with Leona, including numerous festivals, three appearances on Ernest Tubb's Midnight Jamboree, two appearances on "Midwest Country" for RFDTV, "TruCountry" on RFDTV, "Kelly's Kountry Junctin" for PBS in the Ozarks, Johnny Bush's 75th Birthday Bash at Willie's Place, & the Heart of Texas Records' Music Festival. It has never been a secret that Leona Williams is and will always be Jade's favorite female country singer. Jade credits Leona with giving her a huge boost onto the country music scene and she will be forever grateful.

Jade can be seen all over the country keeping traditional country music alive. When she's not fronting her own band at dancehalls all over the State, she can be found playing fiddle for Tony Booth in his band, as well as other Texas artists like Justin Trevino, Amber Digby, Kimberly Murray, Curtis Potter, Patrick Murphy & Johnny Bush to name just a few. She’s also currently on tour with country music legend Doug Stone opening his shows all over the country and playing fiddle in his band. Be on the lookout for Jade's new album entitled “Off the Record”. This project that was released in April has been produced by Justin Trevino and it’s Pure Country. She has gained worldwide success with this project especially overseas where it was named “CD of the Month” in the prestigious Country Music People magazine.

Things are happening for this blue-eyed country girl On and “Off the Record”.

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