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The New PB engage

The New PB engage



Introducing the newly redesigned PB engage mobile banking app. The app is packed with new and improved features that delivers an enhanced mobile banking experience.

欧洲杯买彩票 Download the app today and experience convenient mobile banking right at your fingertips.




DuitNow QR

No cash? No Problem

Just scan the merchant’s QR code to make your payment and continue your stress-free shopping. Public Bank is the 1st bank in Malaysia to introduce DuitNow QR.


Quick Balance

It’s quick, simple and secured

欧洲杯买彩票Access to your account balances with just a touch of your finger. With the new PB engage, Face ID authentication is now available for all iPhone X (or newer) devices!


User Interface Enhancements


Personalize your PB engage through the theme setting and profile upload


Share transaction receipt with the recipient via email, Whatsapp, WeChat, or any other supported app on your device


Quick Action Menu and shortcuts for easy navigation





View your account balances and transaction details 24/7

Learn More


Pay any mobile/ NRIC/ Passport/ Business Reg. Number

Learn More


Fund Transfer
Transfer funds to Public Bank accounts or other banks

Learn More


Future-dated transfers
Set future dated fund transfers according to your preferred date

Learn More


DuitNow QR
Scan and make cashless payments via QR code

Learn More


Bill Payment
Hassle free payments to any major billers

Learn More


Pay bills the easy way

Learn More


Pay Cards & Loan/Financing
Make payments to your PB Card, Loan and Financing payments

Learn More


Prepaid Top-up
Purchase prepaid top-ups from our list of telco service providers

Learn More


SecureSign Token
Approve your transactions with PAC or SecureSign Token

Learn More


Device Binding
Link your PBe User ID to your device for added security

Learn More

Download the new PB engage mobile banking app now.


For further enquiries, contact us via:

欧洲杯买彩票Tel. no: 03-2179 9999

E-mail: customersupport@publicbank.com.my

Click here欧洲杯买彩票 for Frequently Asked Questions.

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